amitee (amitee) wrote in ordinarymoments,

Title: The Book Club
Character: Jonas Quinn (there's Sam+Jonas friendship)
Prompt: books
Rating: G

Then there was the time Sam had to tell him to stop reading and go to bed.

“I’m fascinated by the sheer numbers of books your planet has available,” Jonas said to her, closing the book he was browsing through but leaving his finger stuck between the pages. “The amount of space allocated to storing them is astonishing.”

“It’s late, Jonas,” Sam said, leaning in the doorway. “We’re leaving for PX2-945 at oh-five-hundred tomorrow. Get your finger out of the book.”

“I know, Major.” He gave her his best and most winning smile, and heard her sigh. “Would you like to come in? I can move some of the boxes.”

“No-” She stopped and looked down. “What’s in all these boxes?”

“Books,” Jonas said happily and set down the one he was still clinging to so that he could open the box nearest her. “Sergeant Siler brought these for me to borrow; something about how his mother couldn’t possibly read more than one at a time and she’d never know they were gone.”

Sam looked a little confused, eyeing the box. “Jonas, you know these are romance novels, right?”

The Sergeant had mentioned that, but hadn’t elaborated beyond the fact that his mother adored them. “I know,” Jonas told Sam now.

“They’re kind of… for women, mostly.”

He could tell she was trying not to smile. “I see,” he said slowly. “Perhaps I should return them…”

“No, I didn’t mean-” Sam stopped again and finally stepped into the room. “If you like them, you should read them.”

“I haven’t gotten to that box yet, to be honest.”

“Right, okay.” She nodded and picked up one of the novels, turning it over to read the information on the back. Jonas loved that there was a synopsis on the back of many Earth books – it made deciding what to read and what not to read so much easier. All the books he’d had access to on Kelowna had been hardbound, with barely any printing at all on their covers.

“You know, I think I read this one when I was a teenager,” murmured Sam. She sat down on the bed, opening the book.

Jonas watched her eyes move over the page. “Oh-five-hundred, Major,” he reminded her with a grin and sat down next to her.

“Just a page or two,” she said conspiratorially, leaning her shoulder against his. “I won’t tell if you don’t.”

He retrieved his own book and found where he’d stopped. “Not even the General,” he promised.
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*so adores the cute*
Awwww, sweet!